Visions Of Home: Multi-Cutural Feng Shui


Visions of Home offers the following services, designed to make your home and commercial space become the vision of your dreams:

  • Residential & Commercial Site Analysis
  • Space Clearing
  • Blessing Ceremonies
  • Articles
  • Radio
  • Lectures
  • Custom Feng Shui art and crystal cures based on your consultation
  • I Ching readings
Areas of Expertise:
  • 19 years interior design experience
  • Specializing in room transformation utilizing client's existing furnishings and art
  • 15 year study and practice of the I Ching
  • 10 year study and practice of Chi Kung
  • Johrei practitioner
  • Master level Reiki Practitioner

"Laurelyn cured a 'split-vision' issue in my home where I had way too much art on one wall. She removed then added a couple of pieces and the headache I'd had for months upon entering my foyer vanished. Wow!" - Deb Seymour, Client

Laurelyn Baker   303.449.6209